About SPPE

About SPPE

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“SPPE is an inclusive, innovative and evolving institution, dedicated to the promotion of professional experiences by engaging with its stakeholders to create value for the community”.

The Society for Promotion of Professional Excellence (SPPE) is located at Tata Steel’s Centre for Excellence in Jamshedpur. The Society is created to manage the Centre along with it’s founding member – Tata Steel Limited. While Tata Steel oversees the administrative management of the centre, SPPE manages the professional activities.

The SPPE is a non-profit organisation that has leading Tata companies and professional institutions as it’s Corporate and Institutional members. Through them SPPE facilitates meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences, providing a forum for education, training and growth of professional excellence. Senior level officers of Tata Steel and its associated companies are in the management committee of SPPE.